Which is better for me: a 401k or an IRA?

It’s likely that you already have a 401k or retirement plan if your job has been 9-5 most of the time. The majority of financial advisors recommend diversifying investments in stocks and bonds to create this kind of plan. Most financial advisors are unaware of and have no interest in the importance of investing in gold IRA.

The plan has been adopted by many in hopes of establishing a sizeable nest-egg when retirement is a reality. With the steadily depreciating dollar and bank/account fees, the real amount in retirement funds may be smaller than one expects. Most financial advisers have to make their living from selling stocks, portfolios, and other securities. Therefore they are motivated by the Wall Street Agenda and want to minimize the benefits of gold-backed investment.

It is an issue that affects people across the country. As they reach retirement, they realize they have less money than they originally thought. As more people become aware, they take steps to ensure that similar scenarios as described above do not occur.

The devaluation of the US dollar is not the only factor that affects the sustainability of your retirement fund. By adding a precious metals IRA to your 401k, you can increase the value and stability of your account. Metals like silver and gold are very stable and virtually indestructible.

This is because unlike traditional stocks, gold does not depend at all on the success and growth of a particular company. The storage of precious metals is expensive, but it’s a lucrative investment. Many top financial professionals recommend this strategy despite its annual costs. I recommend that you think of precious metal IRAs in terms of diversifying the portfolio.

A precious metal or a golden IRA can be opened in a matter of days. You may also choose to transfer money you have from your 401k, IRA, or IRA-backed account into a new gold-backed IRA. Rollovers will start after completing the appropriate forms. This process of gold 401k and gold IRA transfers is free from taxation, penalties or other charges. At this stage, you will be able to choose the type of metals which you wish to include into your new IRA.