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The US Federal Government appears to be in its last days. It is moving around and writhing on a floor like a person experiencing a grand mal seizure. You can get the best place for gold IRA in this sites.

The Obama Administration and Congress are totally clueless about the techniques required to save America from financial disaster. Here are some examples.

1. Easy credit and easy money have created a consumer society. America has become a consuming nation as well as the world’s largest creditor. Personal debt has reached an all-time high.

2. Federal Government is certain that more credit and easy money will boost our economy. They want to reinflate America’s bubble for the past two decades. So Congress and President authorized more than a billion dollars of paper money to manufactured and given to financial institutions who were connected to America’s bankruptcy.

3. Congress was rushed to pass spending bills, which ran hundreds of page long. “Earmarks” were added by legislators in order to extort votes. Legislators had no time to read these bills. They passed the legislation. The President then signed it into law.

4. AIG and “banksters” did take the effort to review the law once they had the money. They discovered that the law didn’t allow them any restrictions on how to spend it. Media stories have been published about billions in unaccounted-for money. Merrill Lynch’s employees received huge bonuses days before a bailout. AIG paid more than $165 million to its executives for their role in the company’s collapse. The Congressional roosters boast about how they intend to punish AIG. I predict we will find out that AIG has not broken any law by paying bonuses.

5. Federal budget also includes Social Security Medicare and Medicaid, as well as a huge military budget. The budget’s “off budget” section is next. (Congress does not want you to know how much money is actually spent). Most Federal tax income is used to pay interest on national debt. Large entitlement programs are subject to automatic cost-of living increases.

This is a huge reality adjustment that will occur in the coming months and over the next 1-2 years. All ages, from babies to adults, know that it is impossible for one to spend more than they take in. Except for politicians.

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