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  • “Intelligent Power Distribution” is a fully automated electrical control device that can completely replace the currently widely used electrical controllers (including leakage protectors and air switches), which not only make up for the technical deficiencies of existing products, but also has more powerful functions. More intelligent, safer and more reliable, lower cost, better monitoring of people's electricity consumption. Achieve the leap of intelligent management. It can monitor and protect all electrical equipment used at the back end in real time, including overvoltage, lightning, leakage, overheating, overcurrent, low voltage, short circuit, overload and other protection measures to ensure the maximum protection of your electrical equipment. Damaged, and real-time use of the powered device is monitored at the remote computer terminal. This device can be replaced or installed without additional wiring or changing lines. Scope of application: It can be widely used in unattended occasions such as home, factory, hotel, office building, property management, municipal park, traffic command, street lamp monitoring, etc.

Digital display function: intelligent energy consumption display, clock display, power consumption display, power display;

Monitoring function: intelligent monitoring and monitoring of the electricity usage of different lines of the home, leakage, and testing the energy consumption performance of household appliances;

Energy-saving function: Through the intuitive digital display, real-time monitoring of the power consumption of each line of the home, ending the standby waste of the electrical equipment, completely solving the unconscious waste of everyone, achieving the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, saving electricity consumption;

Use of rental houses : The use of alternative electric meters in rental houses requires only one electric gate per floor and no need to install one electric meter in each room, which simplifies wiring, saves the purchase of electricity meters and saves costs;

Craftsmanship: The traditional electric gates have a rough appearance, affecting the decoration of the whole room, often placed in the corners, behind the door, but also for the family must; we will process the products, put them in the most conspicuous position, beautify the home decoration;

Use genuine: test whether the purchased electrical appliances meet the requirements of the instructions, put an end to counterfeit cottage products, and put an end to safety risks! Detect poor power appliances to prevent energy loss!

Simplified installation: modular products, simplify the installation of electricians, standardize the installation of lines, facilitate the follow-up maintenance of the entire family, guide the home wiring, and facilitate the use of subsequent electrical appliances.

Genuine accessories: complete sets of genuine accessories, standardized control switches, standardized circuit design, unified brand, quality guaranteed.

Wiring:3P+N/4P three-phase four-wire system
1P+N/2P single phase
Rated operating voltage (Un):3P+N/4P 400V AC / 50Hz
1P+N/2P 230V AC / 50Hz
Undervoltage protection value161V±5V (recovery value: 195V±5V) (phase voltage)
Overvoltage protection value275V±5V (recovery value: 253V±5V) (phase voltage)
Self-recovery closing delayT3=20~60s
Dielectric strength:2500VAC 1 minute
Pressure level (Uimp):4KV
Mechanical life:10,000 times, 3 times / minute
Action time:Opening ≤ 0.2s, closing ≤ 0.5s (without delay)
Protection level:IP20
Operating temperature:-25°C~60°C
relative humidity:≤95% (55°C)
Action process:It is detected that the voltage exceeds the undervoltage protection value or the overvoltage protection value, and is opened by the fixed opening delay. After the voltage is restored, it is automatically closed after the fixed self-recovery closing delay.
communication:Standard RS485 communication interface, which can realize remote control, and can carry out intelligent management such as branching, closing and querying operation status at a long distance (if this function is available)
Manual / automatic operation:Turn [Manual/Automatic] to the automatic mode, except for the automatic action due to voltage failure, such as manually opening the circuit breaker or tripping due to the load fault switch, it will not automatically coincide, and manual reset is required (other faults may require manual work). exclude)
Turn [Manual/Auto] to manual mode, which can be manually opened or closed without automatic action.
Security padlock:It can be padlocked when the valve is opened, the lock diameter is Φ4mm, and the product cannot be closed after the padlock (keep tripped)
Indicator light:Green constant light: normal operation, closing status
Red constant light: undervoltage fault
Flashing red: overvoltage fault
Flashing green: Delayed closing
Orange constant light: fault blocking
Indicator off: There is no power or the [Manual/Auto] switch is in manual state.




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