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  • FRC6-M remote control circuit breaker
  • Product Description:
  • Under the premise that the indicators of the miniature circuit breakers are continuously improved, the application occasions are more and more extensive, and the miniature circuit breakers are basically used in the terminals of the low-voltage power distribution; the occasions with automatic control and remote control requirements are also more The more you come.

    FRC6-M series products have small volume, fast closing speed, reliable operation, internal shaft drive, good synchronism of switching, reliable service life and working characteristics; reliable delay and malfunction protection.

◆ The modular structure is adopted in general, and the 35mm standard rail is fixed, which is convenient for customers to install, repair or replace quickly;

◆ With hand / automatic switch, safety padlock mechanism after opening;

◆ The closing and closing action is fast and reliable, and the L7 miniature circuit breaker platform is selected, and the breaking capacity is high;

◆ Optional 2P/1P+N or 4P/3P+N miniature circuit breakers or corresponding leakage circuit breakers

◆ The built-in integrated circuit of the circuit breaker realizes the linkage of each pole, and the synchronization of the opening and closing is good;

Rated operating voltage (Uc):230V: AC230/DC220
110V: AC/DC110
Dielectric strength:2500VAC 1 minute
Pressure level (Uimp):4KV
Mechanical life:10,000 times, 3 times / minute
Action time:Opening ≤ 0.2s, closing ≤ 0.5s (without delay)
Protection level:IP20
Operating temperature:-25°C~60°C
relative humidity:≤95% (55°C)
Action processRemote control, can be divided and closed at a long distance
Manual / automatic operation:Turn [Manual/Auto] to automatic mode for remote control
Turn [Manual/Auto] to manual mode, which can be manually opened or closed without automatic action.
Security padlock:When the valve is in the open state, it can be padlocked, the lock diameter is Φ4mm, and the product will not be closed after the padlock.
Communication (if you have this feature):Standard RS485 communication interface, which can realize remote control, and can carry out intelligent management such as branching, closing and querying operation status at a long distance (if this function is available)
Indicator light:Indicator light on: normal operation
Indicator off: There is no power or the [Manual/Auto] switch is in manual state.

FRC6-M100 Dimensions


FRC6-M125H Dimensions


FRC6-M installation diagram


FRC6-M wiring diagram



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