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  • WSCB-100 SPD backup protector
  • Product Description:
  • WSCB (surge protector dedicated backup protection device) as a new generation of surge protector backup protection device, with strong breaking capacity and higher surge withstand capability. WSCB is degraded in the surge protector (SPD), and an abnormal overvoltage occurs in the distribution line. When the surge protector is turned on, the circuit can be quickly cut off to prevent the surge protector from catching fire.

    Through the remote alarm module, you can know the working status of the backup protection device in time; better grasp the SPD work.

    Compared with other products of its kind, this product is more sensitive to SPD protection, provides continuous lightning protection, lower line protection voltage, and better protection of back-end equipment.

◆ It adopts modular structure to form a whole, each phase is independently protected, and is installed by 35mm standard rail; 

◆ Power frequency 2A millisecond level trip protection;

◆ The number of impacts meets the number of SPD type tests;

◆ Power frequency current and lightning electromagnetic pulse dual channel, series current limiting components in the loop, can effectively reduce the short-circuit peak current expected by the power frequency;

◆ When there is lightning induced current, the transient high current generates less residual voltage on the SCB; if the SPD is not completely disabled, even if the SCB is disconnected, the protection circuit can protect the lightning surge current.

Product numberWSCB-60WSCB-80WSCB-100
Rated operating voltage (Ue)AC: 230V
DC breakdown voltage (100V/s)DC: 600V ± 20%
Nominal flow30kA (8/20μs)40kA (8/20μs)50kA (8/20μs)
Maximum flow rate60kA (8/20μs)80kA (8/20μs)100kA (8/20μs)
Power frequency current trip value2A
Trip time≤0.2S
Mechanical life1000 times
Terminal maximum wiring35mm2
Enclosure ratingIP20
working environmentTemperature -25 ~ +60 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 95% (25 ° C)
Mounting the rail35mm



Single-phase lightning protection wiring diagram


Three-phase lightning protection wiring diagram


Dimensional drawing



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