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  • FAR2-G optical distributed volt-in-grid special molded case circuit breaker
  • Product Description:
  • The FAR2-G automatic grid-connected special circuit breaker controller adds the functions of undervoltage, undervoltage delay and automatic closing of the undervoltage release on the basis of the common molded case circuit breaker, realizing distributed power generation. When the main grid is powered off, the island protection is realized and the main grid is restored to normal, and the distributed grid and the main grid are automatically connected to the grid in time.

◆ The modular structure is adopted as a whole, which is convenient for customers to install, repair or replace quickly;

◆ With undervoltage detection, undervoltage delay trip, pressure loss delay trip, overvoltage detection, overvoltage trip and pressure automatic closing function;

◆ With adjustable delay, the trip time can be set and adjusted by the user according to the actual situation, and the power failure alarm output function;

FAR2-G outline drawing


Installation wiring diagram



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