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  • WRA1-63 Series Arc Fault Protector
  • Product Description:
  • WRA1-63 series arc fault protection apparatus is composed of small circuit breaker, release mechanism and arc detection module. Different from ordinary circuit breaker, it can find fault arc caused by arc short circuit to the ground or bad connection in the circuit, insulation aging and breakdown of the line under normal working current, and cut off the circuit at the first time to prevent fire caused by local high temperature of the fault arc, and the current of these fault arcs is usually comparable. Small, just in the blind area of common circuit breaker. And other fire fighting equipment, equipment and the current market fire (or fire) monitoring, alarm systems are afterwards to reduce the loss of fire accidents. Even if the fault arc monitoring device is installed, only part of the arc is found to alarm, and the arc may not be able to control the harm. Therefore, the WRA1-63 series arc fault protection apparatus has the functions of overload protection, short circuit protection and arc fault protection at the same time, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of electric fire and avoid loss.

Fault prevention arc: detected arc fault, switch trip.

Anti short circuit function: short circuit switch on load side trip directly.

Over current protection function: the current is longer than the rated current switch.

Fault memory function: the first switch on after failure trip will light the corresponding fault indicator.

LED display function: with operation and arc fault lamp status indicator.

ProjectAFDD main technical parameters
Rated working voltage (Un)AC 220-230V
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated current (In)10、16、20、25、32A
Rated switching and breaking capacity (Im)4.5KA
Pole number2P
Basic protection functionIt can cut off the power supply of short circuit, overload and fault arc in load power supply line in time.
Other functional featuresIt has LED status indication, fault memory, load (> 2A) LED indicating function and fault warning function.
Release characteristicsC type
Standard of executionGB/T 31143-2014



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